Refund Policy

We believe that the reader’s trust is one of the achievements. The most popular payment process is Cash on delivery although for customer convenience we are using a payment gateway and the customer made advance payment through the gateway. We also require advance payment for certain products due to certain limitations.

We try our best to deliver your order as soon as possible through Salim Publishing and other publishing houses. But no one is above mistakes. Likewise, we can make mistakes while running the operation. Out-of-stock products are sometimes seen when procuring from suppliers or the products are not with the supplier. Then we sometimes have to face the dilemma of the order being paid in advance. And that’s why authorities will directly refund the paid amount through the specified method if the product fails to be delivered, or if the product is canceled before delivery. Inshallah!

a. Refund method: If for any reason fails to deliver the product within the stipulated time, the buyer will refund the amount paid by the same mode of payment (cash, rocket, card bank transfer, etc.)

b. Refund Time: If the prepaid order is not delivered or is canceled prior to delivery, it may generally take 7-10 business days from the time the refund decision is made to process the refund (excluding the time used by the relevant payment provider). If you do not receive a refund within this time, please contact us. However, depending on the product, it may take some additional time to get the paid money back if the product delivery or customer service fails to meet the terms of the purchase order.

c. Refund Notification: After the refund, the buyer will be notified by SMS, phone, email, or any other means. Inshallah In case of non-receipt of refund, contact must be made within 3 days of receipt of refund notification. Otherwise, your money will be considered refunded.

d. Refund Complaints: If the refund is not received within 7-10 working days or if any complaint related to the refund contact live chat, whites app +8801757412758, or email

e. Refundable amount:

1) If the prepaid order is canceled or if the customer requests to cancel, the full price will be refunded.

2) If the prepaid order is not delivered or returned before delivery, the full price will be refunded.

3) In the case of online payment, if the customer has paid more money than the price of the product, or if any product of the paid order is excluded from the order due to not being in stock, then in that case, the excess money of the total price will be refunded to the customer.

4) If an excess amount is deducted due to a technical error in online payment, the excess amount will be refunded on furnishing proper proof.

5) If a product is not available from the supplier or cannot be collected in the fastest time while the order is in the paid order processing status, then the remaining products will be refunded after discussion with the buyer.

6) During the cashback offer, if the customer cancels the order for any reason or fails to deliver the product, the authorities will refund without the cashback amount.

7) If the product is raised with proof of defect within the specified period following the return and exchange policy and the supplier has stock, the previous product will be replaced with a new product. If out of stock, a full refund of the product will be made upon return of the defective product. Refunds will not be applicable if the customer is notified to authorities after the specified time.

8) Only the price of the returned product will be refunded. Shipping charges for returned products are non-refundable.

9) Your returned product will be refunded after inspection. Refunds will not be applicable for products that are physically damaged by the customer.

Nonrefundable money: If ‘Cash on Delivery’ is selected as the payment method and the customer has not paid any amount for the product, no refund will be given.